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About Us

Our Culture

At BOLD, we’re happy to have the best of both worlds. We’ve got highly skilled people who work with state-of-the art technology, equipment, and processes just like you’d find at a major manufacturer. But as a small (and growing) company, we still have the relationships and expectations that keep us deeply engaged in our work and our future together.

Moreover, at BOLD, we leverage the best of both worlds. Our highly skilled professionals utilize state-of-the-art technology and processes akin to major manufacturers, while our small and growing company ethos maintains deep engagement, fostering strong relationships and high expectations. This blend allows us to adapt swiftly, drive innovation, and achieve collective success in a dynamic and collaborative environment.

Our Purpose Statement:

Boldly enriching lives through creative furniture solutions.

Our Core Values: 

Be a flexible team player. Own your work and reliability. Live with integrity and positivity. Develop your knowledge to be a problem solver.

We’re constantly learning, flexing our problem-solving muscles.

We thrive on new challenges and staying agile to meet them well.

We share a sense of ownership that means we do the right thing and whatever it takes.

Our Approach

We hire top-notch people who care about details to bring together custom craftsmanship and the best of mass production techniques.

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Our Environmental Promise

At BOLD, we believe that we owe future generations an environment that offers them the same potential—for health, livelihoods, and delight—that we’ve enjoyed.

Our commitment to sustainability includes cradle-to-cradle design practices. We plan manufacturing to minimize waste, and take into account needs for water and electricity. We use recycled materials whenever appropriate, and design for easy recovery and reuse of materials. Our finishes and glues are water-based, emitting no VOCs.

BOLD Environmental Statement 

Our 2022 GHG Emissions can be found here.

Our History 

1993 – Competitive Edge Wood Specialties founded in Muskegon, Michigan.

1999 – BOLD Furniture, Inc., established in Spring Lake, Michigan.

2000 – BOLD Juxtapose offers a quirky mix of highly functional, very mobile pieces for active teamwork and individual offices.

2005 – BOLD Work In Motion introduced, combining configurability, flexibility, and sustainability for highly adaptive offices.

2006 – BOLD Furniture, Inc., and Competitive Edge join forces—and custom wood craftsmanship with highly flexible, lean manufacturing.

2014 – BOLD One Collection brings the double-ped desk into the 21st century.

2020 – BOLD develops The Private Office Collection in conjunction with a major university client. This becomes the foundation for the new collection.

2022 – BOLD Furniture releases the new product guide showcasing multiple new product collections to enhance the BOLD brand.

2023 –  BOLD Furniture makes another investment into the brand by adding a permanent Chicago showroom in THE MART.