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A resimercial height-adjustable desk for modern workplaces. 4our is a height-adjustable desk designed for the evolving workplace. Seamlessly blending residential and commercial design elements, this innovative desk offers the perfect balance of style, functionality, and adaptability for today’s flexible work environments.


The Bold One Collection, Designed by Joey Ruiter, offers a height-adjustable double pedestal desks, credenzas, and screen options. The Bold One collection is completely at home in private offices, collaborative spaces, and open floor plans.

Floating Shelves

Bold Furniture Floating shelves provide a convenient, easy to install shelving system that compliments all our Office furniture collections. Using Veneer or laminate, the simplicity of the floating shelves allows designers to use them throughout many commercial and residential spaces.


The Fundamentals Collection is a comprehensive suite of furniture designed to revolutionize modern workplaces. The collection offers functional and stylish pieces to enhance productivity and organization. The versatile Storage Divider divides the workspace while providing storage and privacy and works seamlessly with a height height adjustable table.


Timeless classics reimagined. Juxtapose Collection is a harmonious range of commercial furniture that seamlessly blends elegance, functionality, and design. The collection offers an array of timeless solutions for today’s dynamic modern workspaces


Bold Furniture has built and installed thousands of lockers throughout our customer base. Our lockers have become the standard with our largest customers due to the quality, cost, and design features. Our lockers are available in many standard and custom finishes and designs.

Wyoming Private Office

Bold Furniture’s Wyoming Private Office collection offers a system of storage and surfaces that can be configured thousands of combinations to accomplish the desired functionality and aesthetic within the space.


A resimercial masterpiece for any modern workplace. The Ready///Able Collection is a versatile and stylish storage solution designed to bring the warmth and comfort of home into the workplace. In a world where home and commercial workspaces are becoming increasingly blended, the Ready///Able storage units stand out as a superb example of resimercial design.


A versatile nucleus for any contemporary workplace, reception desk set the tone and brand for your company. Bold Furniture reception desks are sophisticated, multipurpose solutions, designed to elevate modern workspaces and invite all visitors to the office.


The retreeve Tables Collection includes innovative sustainable statement pieces that champion a circular economy and environmental responsibility. The Collection is resourcefully crafted from recycled solid wood, MDF, particle board, and plywood, all recovered from BOLD Furniture’s own manufacturing scraps.


Tables in any setting create a sense of community. A gather point for work or social events, they are many times the center piece in which individuals gather collaborate. Utilizing a mix of materials, Bold can create the center piece for your space.