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Timeless classics reimagined. Juxtapose Collection is a harmonious range of commercial furniture that seamlessly blends elegance, functionality, and design. The collection offers an array of timeless solutions for today’s dynamic modern workspaces.

The Juxtapose Collection encompasses ten products, including the iconic High Back Channel Desk, Channel Desk, Horizontal Library, Box File, Double Drawer File, Single Drawer File, Vertical Library, Single Tower, Double Tower, and Storage Tower. Each piece in the collection carries forward the principles of Scandinavian minimalism and purposeful design, envisioned by renowned designer Robert Shapton of Engine Industrial Design in 1999.

Maintaining the essence of Shapton’s original vision, the Juxtapose Collection boasts clean lines, uncluttered forms, and exceptional craftsmanship. The collection showcases versatile, multi-use furniture that easily adapts to various commercial settings, from open office environments to private workstations. The cohesive design language ensures that each piece complements the others, creating a sense of unity and sophistication across the entire range.

Reissuing the Juxtapose Collection includes meticulously preserving the timeless appeal of the original designs while incorporating advancements in materials and manufacturing techniques. The result is a classic contemporary collection that pays homage to its roots while perfectly adapting to the demands of modern commercial design.

Experience the harmony of the Juxtapose Collection, where meticulously crafted, functional, and elegant furniture transcends time and enriches the modern workspace. Embrace the future of commercial interior design with this iconic collection, which beautifully combines form and function in an everlasting testament to excellence.

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