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A resimercial masterpiece for any modern workplace. Ready///Able Credenza is a versatile and stylish storage solution designed to bring the warmth and comfort of home into the workplace. In a world where home and commercial workspaces are becoming increasingly blended, the Ready///Able Credenza stands out as a superb example of resimercial design.

The Ready///Able Credenza features a plain planked walnut surface, finished with a satin top coat, providing an organic and inviting ambiance. The conspicuous asymmetrical design and bold multi-color finish create a visually engaging piece that elevates any office space. The recycled steel frame, coated with recycled powder coat paint, demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

With its low-VOC Greengard-certified finishes, the Ready///Able Credenza offers an aesthetically pleasing storage solution and contributes to healthier indoor air quality. The versatile and multi-use storage options make it a perfect addition to any workplace, be it a private office, collaborative area, or conference room.

By incorporating elements typically associated with residential environments, the Ready///Able Credenza creates a sense of familiarity and comfort, fostering a more relaxed and productive atmosphere in the workplace.

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